Features & Benefits

Mechanically Metered
Demand Regeneration Control
– Reliable Mechanically-Metered control with easy to understand front panel settings
– Recharges only when necessary, saving money on salt and water wasted on unnecessary regeneration and insures you will not run out of soft water when you least expect it.
– Cycles are all fully adjustable to your needs
– Nominal 1” control valve gives peak flow rates up to 19 gpm with no hardness bleed-by.
– Uses Counter Current Regeneration with Downflow Brining technology.

Cation Resin – Softens and
Filters Whole House Water

– High Performance 8% Crosslink Resin removes not only hard water minerals like calcium, magnesium & iron, but also dirt and turbidity.
– Available in mixed media beds with Activated Carbon and KDF55.

Construction Features
– The sturdy polyethylene brine tank holds up to 250 lbs. of salt. A reliable brine safety valve incorporates built-in safeguards that prevent brine tank overflow.
– Mineral tank is NSF-certified and made of noncorrosive ABS Plastic and reinforced fiberglass.