Benefits of a Refined Water System

Refined Water makes personal care…more caring!
►Showers and Baths are more refreshing!
►Hair is cleaner and more radient
►Shaving is smoother without razor burn!

Refined Water makes household chores…less of a chore
►Clothing is cleaner, brighter and softer!

►Dishes, glassware and tableware sparkle!
►Save up to 20 hours each month cleaning!
►Save as much as 80% on all soaps and cleaners!

Refined Water makes short work of…home maintenance!
►Save hundreds of $$$ each year on plumbing and other

home maintenance due to mineral buildup in kitchen and
bathroom fixtures, plumbing, water heaters and all water
using appliances!

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis is like owning a Bottled Water Factory!
► RO water tastes fresher, being free of harmful salts & chemicals!
► RO water is low salts water just like bottled water!
► RO water makes clean, clear ice cubes.

Reverse Osmosis makes better coffee, tea and beverages!
► Just like having your own personal Starbucks at home!
► Iced or Hot Tea has a less bitter taste.
► Orange & other concentrated juices are more flavorful.

Reverse Osmosis makes cooking foods… more tasty!
► RO water makes soups and gravies more flavorful!
► RO water makes cooked vegetables more plump and juicy!”