Bottleless water dispensers and undersink chillers for your home or office.

– No More lifting of heavy water bottles

– 3.7 gallon polypropylene reservoir

– Cooler 1.2 gallons per hour @ 50ºF

– Mechanical float valve

– Cabinet front and top ABS plastic, sides polymer polyester coated steel panel

– Durable polypropylene self closing faucets

– Cold water thermostat temperature control 35-53 ºF, easily accessible at the side of the cabinet

– Hygienic stainless steel hot water tank is controlled to185 ºF by automatic
thermostat. On/Off switch is accessible at the control box.

– Refrigeration unit, convection cooled condenser, internally spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic over load protector.

-Refrigerant is controlled by calibrated capillary tube.

– LED display tells on / off function of hot / cold units.

– Available in fresh white color.

– One year parts warranty